FDI Corp Reaches an Agreement to Merge Portfolio of Companies with New York Accelerator, PULSE Advisory LLC.

High profile International Tech Entrepreneur, Jorge Mata, founder, Chairman and CEO of Spanish based holding group, FDI Corp merges with U.S. based Pulse Advisory, in a highly anticipated agreement that immediately grows FDI Corp’s portfolio on a global market scale.

Pulse Advisory LLC is a venture development group in New York who prepares innovative smart companies for expansion and growth. The merger with FDI and Pulse means that Jorge Mata, founder of FDI, becomes managing partner for Pulse advisory. The merger will join forces, and will expand their portfolio of companies with the objective to reach over 200 within the next 12 months:

  1. The merger brings FDI Corp’s presence into the U.S. marketplace with home base offices now in the heart of the business capital of the world, N.Y.C
  2. Pulse Advisory’s accelerator business model is adopted by FDI, which includes a monthly retainer plus equity stake. The business model covers operational costs with a margin and builds up equity in companies. The building of a big portfolio guarantees yearly exits and benefits that are distributed to owners thru yearly dividends.
  3. Pulse will initiate a new round of capital from major investors offering them a yearly dividend payment, which they believe is extremely innovative in the technology market.

The merger brings the FDI Corp portfolio into a new powerful realm diversifying its portfolio to over 50 companies, and expected to be more than 200 by the end of the year. “FDI investors benefit from the diversification and expanded business in NYC, and that will be reflected in the value of their shares,” said Daniel Garrie, Managing Partner at Pulse.

FDI now becomes a real accelerator and business developer based in NYC. It will continue developing startups in Spain as well as collaborate with universities. The agreement with Pulse gives a direct channel for Spanish companies to boost their development in the US.

Mata says, “With this merger FDI becomes the biggest accelerator in Spain having 80% of our companies in the U.S. We are better positioned than anybody to help Spanish companies open their businesses in New York.”


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