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Benefits for our members:

At KCG our aim is to turn open innovation into a genuine driving force for sustainable growth in companies, not only by improving the competitiveness of our members, but also by contributing more effective solutions to create value in their immediate economic and social environment.

Accordingly, KCG is configured as a multi-disciplinary team, working as an association that brings together members from three different areas of society: businesses, academic institutions and renowned professionals, whose relationship is based on circulating knowledge and applying it to identify and resolve the problems faced by its members in their activities.

The benefits derived from collaborative work are transferred to the these three areas:

  • The network provides them with access to documents and knowledge that are generated, with the possibility to publish their own research results.
  • They also take part in high level conferences allowing them to keep up to date at all times.
  • Mutual support and exchange between institutions is promoted, exploring new opportunities for work and encouraging the diversification and opening of new lines of research, creating specific opportunities for the development of products, processes or services that improve the competitiveness of businesses and the quality of life of society as a whole.
  • Creativity is encouraged, and there is direct contact between the academic world and businesses. In this way, researchers have the opportunity to take part in groups that support innovation, strengthening their own skills and allowing them to make significant contributions to society and acquire professional experience.
  • Through the association, companies have access to forums, research documents and knowledge. They also take part in networking activities, events and high level conferences allowing them to stay up to date at all times.
  • It promotes business activities.
  • Interaction between companies and researchers is encouraged, providing companies with research facilities and new technologies to add value to their products and services.
  • The association promotes a community whose members share in the benefits and costs of the infrastructure and resources by working jointly with an innovative approach, achieving as immediate results the reduction of costs, benchmarking and the possibility of learning from and with new members.
  • Companies are able to accelerate their internal innovation processes, obtaining benefits and reaching new markets by developing new products and services, and are also able to increase their technology and culture of innovation, as well as to develop their creativity through new ways of generating ideas.
  • The transfer of technology is promoted, and there is increased leverage for research funding. Costs for companies to contract a research project from a centre are reduced to a small percentage of what it would cost for them to do so on their own account.
  • The process of creating consortia for innovation is facilitated by seeking partners and collaboration agreements, as well as funding and sources of financing. Technical accompaniment is provided throughout the whole process, and the members of the consortium provide mutual support for continuous improvement, identifying the best ways of dealing with the problems that arise. The risks of the project are reduced, at the same time as highlighting its opportunities.