How we operate & What we do


The Knowdle Foundation & Research Institute is a community. This community is open to everyone and organized around six (6) core principles of:

  1. Commitment in Knowledge Economy
  2. Commitment to Bio-inspired Knowledge
  3. Commitment to biologically-inspired knowledge & intelligent sollutions
  4. Open & intelligent discussion
  5. Meritocracy
  6. Tolerance


We work specifically to:

  • —Promote the idea of bio-inspired open knowledge to reach open intelligence, both what it is, and why is it a good idea.
  • —Run ‘Bio-inspired Open Knowledge’ and  events, for example forums, workshops and symposia.
  • —Develop intelligent tools for a better & sustainable world.
  • —Provide infrastructure, and potentially a home, for open knowledge projects, communities and resources, for example, via the Knowdle Consortium Groups programs and services.
  • —Running through all of our activities is a strong emphasis on decentralized collaboration. In particular, a primary aim is to help others develop open knowledge material as well as creating it ourselves. We believe that the future lies in collaboration between a multitude of different groups and that no one group or organisation can, or should try to, “do it all”.