To create an environment of development and communication that is of value to its users, promoted by the use of collective knowledge and intelligence as key factors in the production of social and corporate benefits, leading in turn to an overall improvement in sustainability and quality of life.


To support decision-making processes through the use of bio-inspired artificial intelligence systems that act as highly sophisticated cognitive structures, connected to the Internet.

Their contribution provides us with profitability and the chance to improve our resources, by providing us with quality information that optimises our decision-making processes.


The work of the different bodies that form a part of the KNOWDLE Consortium Group is governed by a series of values:

  • Knowledge is worth being shared
  • Eco-intelligence
  • Radical transparency
  • Self-centred generosity
  • Strength in numbers
  • Participative financing
  • Open and global
  • Respecting industrial and intellectual property
  • Code of Good Governance