Organization & Team

—Organization team

—The Resonance Knowledge Leadership Team (RKLT) was created to provide effective leaders framework attuned to other people´s feelings and move them in a positive emotional direction, who transmite authentically about their own values, direction and priorities and resonate with the emotions of surrounding people. In that way, under the guidance of an effective resonante leader, research team will feel a mutual resonance status. Resonance come naturally to people with a high degree of emotional intelligence but involves also intelectual aspects important in order to deploy a Knowledge Society.

—Research team

—The Bio-inspired Open KNOWDLEGE Research Team (BOKRT) was created to provide a framework for research into bio-inspired knowledge sharing communities and their accompanying digital knowledge banks. Many of these communities revolve around the creation of computer software based on the Bio-inspired Open Knowledge development model, and while BOKRT is very interested in these types of communities, it also seeks to extend its research into other knowledge-sharing communities who model their behaviors on those of the Open Knowledge and Open Intelligent movement.