Knowdle AI Collective Engine is the definitive revenue exponential enabler.


Rapid success of people, startups, companies and organizations has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with a new breed of organizational structure and AI Collective based algorithms which allows massive impact with a very small footprints.



ExOs AI Algorithms, like KNOWDLE ACI, are creating 10 times more impact than their AI peers in the same industry at record-breaking speed. Even more incredulously, they’re doing it with less investment and fewer people than traditionally ever thought possible. IKIGAI KWS Architecture is 10 times more efficient than any other cognitive one.

Exponential Growth

Our Very Massive Collective Event Driven Engine, at the core of Collective Cognitive Builder System of KHS provides an amazing Framework and Engine that contribute to unexpected exponential results and growth. We help your enterprise providing a mature set of ACI Services specifically designed for an optimizing process that will accelerate your growth.

Let’s dive in…

We believe we’re rapidly heading towards a human-scale transformation, the next evolutionary step into what I call a “Meta-Intelligence,” a future in which we are all highly connected—brain to brain via the cloud—sharing thoughts, knowledge and actions. We acknowledge that this topic seems far-out, but the forces at play are huge and the implications are vast.

12 Secrets You Need To Know For Exponential Growth

We distilled 12 specific attributes which any company can adopt to deliberately engineer exponential results.

  1. Massive Transformative Purpose
  2. Staff On Demand
  3. Unity & Crowd
  4. Algorithms
  5. Leveraged Assets
  6. Engagement
  7. Interfaces
  8. Dashboards
  9. Experimentation
  10. Autonomy
  11. Social Technologies
  12. Collective Intelligence

#1 Massive Transformative Purpose

A MTP describes a better future for the world (or at least your industry or community). A great MTP attracts the customers, community, partners and resources and is an ExO’s competitive edge. It is so inspirational, it generates a cultural movement around the ExO, ultimately creating its own community, tribe and culture.

#2 Staff On Demand

Minimize full-time staff. Outsource tasks. In any information-enabled business a large internal staff seems increasingly unnecessary, counterproductive and expensive. Outsourcing whenever you can makes your company agile, flexible, fast-moving, and cost-effective.

#3 Community & Crowd

ExOs leverage community and crowd for many functions traditionally handled inside the enterprise, including idea generation, funding, design, distribution, marketing and sales. This agility allows for rapid implementation and exponential results.

#4 Algorithms

ExOs leverage data and algorithms to scale in ways that weren’t possible even 5 or 10 years ago. Algorithms are a critical future component of every business. Almost all the business insights and decisions of tomorrow will be data-driven. Given that they are much more objective, scalable, and flexible than human beings, they are also critical for organizations committed to driving exponential growth.

#5 Leveraged Assets

Hold on to what’s absolutely critical. Outsource everything else. Renting, sharing or leveraging assets — as opposed to owning them — enables organizations to easily share and scale assets not only locally, but also globally, and without boundaries.

#6 Engagement

Enabling collaborative human behaviour (social behaviour) to engineer the results you want from your community. Connected individuals can now do what once only large centralized organizations could. Engagement creates network effects and positive feedback loops with extraordinary reach.

#7 Interfaces

ExOs have very customized processes for how they interface with customers and other organizations. Interfaces tend to become the most distinctive internal characteristics of a fully realized ExO. There’s a good reason for this: at peak productivity, Interfaces empower the enterprise’s management of its SCALE external attributes.

#8 Dashboards

A real-time, adaptable dashboard with all essential company and employee metrics, accessible to everyone in the organization. Dashboards which enable visibility allow business, individuals and team assessments to be carried out efficiently and much faster than ever before. Dashboards also allow you to see problems before they grow into big mistakes. 

#9 Experimentation

The implementation of the lean Startup methodology of testing assumptions and constantly experimenting with controlled risks. Corporate organization charts are traditionally structured to withstand risk and change. However, in today’s world, the biggest risk is not taking any risk. The modern rule of competition is “whoever learns fastest, wins.”

#10 Autonomy

Self-organizing, multidisciplinary teams operating with decentralized authority. Small, independent and interdisciplinary teams are critical to future organizations, especially at the edges.

#11 Social Technologies

Social Technologies, or collaborative technologies, allows organizations to manage real-time communication amongst all employees. They are comprised of seven key elements: Social Objects, Activity Streams, Task Management, File Sharing, Telepresence, Virtual Worlds and Emotional Sensing. When implemented, these elements create transparency and connectedness and, most importantly, lower an organization’s information latency.

#12 ACI

Artificial Collective Intelligence (ACI) is the unique and disruptive independent solutions that gives businesses growth complete control over how they integrate collective intelligence and semantic interpretation intelligence into their products and services. The ACI cloud architecture allows for contribution and collaboration among customers, enterprises & developers, where they can extend the functionality of existing AI contexts without needing to access them.

“Whether you’re a team of 3 or 30,000 reinventing your company around these 12 attributes is critical to rapidly scale results, growth, and impact.”

Business Artificial Collective Intelligence

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