Knowdle Partner Network

Accelerate your CIRPA (*Collective Intelligence Robotic Process Automation) journey and take your customers further. Become a Knowdle Partner to access the industry’s most comprehensive training, technology and resources. Check out the categories below to choose the best match for you:

Knowdle Partner Network

Accelerate your CIRPA journey and take your customers further. Become a Knowdle Partner to access the industry’s most comprehensive training, technology and resources. Check out the categories below to choose the best match for you:

Business Partners

Our Business Partners share skills and experience to ensure successful CIRPA implementation and prepare customers for the future of work.

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners accelerate business outcomes with core and emerging technologies that complement the Knowdle Platform.

Training Partners

Our Official Training Partners upskill customers and partners to create the next generation of CIRPA developers and business analysts

Knowdle has an extensive network of partnerships and alliances with expertise in numerous sectors within the IT industry. We welcome the opportunity to partner with firms in order to add further value to client solutions. These partners include both strategic partnerships and project partnerships:

Knowdle’ clients know from experience that we are committed to making them happy. We go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, and firmly believe that a client’s success is our success. We are a company that treats clients as partners, with the utmost of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and care. Here are a few of the many clients that we serve:

Partners – What Makes Us Unique

Our partners are some of the largest digital representatives in the world.

/ Business Partner: Our Business Partners offer comprehensive CIRPA experience, knowledge and skills. They position clients for the future of work through ensuring successful CIRPA implementation and automation + AI projects. They include Advisory Companies, Business Process Outsourcing Firms, System Integrators and Managed Service Providers.

/ Technology Partner: Close the gap on tomorrow. Our certified Technology Partners expand your CIRPA and AI projects with core and emerging technologies ranging from Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Machine Learning and Business Process Automation.

/ Official Training Partner: Democratizing CIRPA means making training and resources easily available. Official Training Partners are certified in Knowdle sales practices and technology and offer training to customers and partners alike across the globe.

Are you an individual or a company looking to get involved or partner with us?

When you partner with Knowdle, you create opportunities to engage your company more deeply in their communities. You activate the process of permanent, positive change. And you connect your brand to a unique and trusted that’s enlisting millions to change the world.

We engage enterprises in building stronger business – locally, nationally and globally.

Become a Partner

We are committed to developing a robust network of change and welcome the opportunity to hear about your organization and how we can work together.

Business Partner

Accelerate your CIRPA and AI journey with knowledgeable, trusted Knowdle business partners that support you globally and regionally.

Technology Partner

Augment your automation outcomes with core and emerging technology from trusted providers

Official Training Partner

Accelerate your CIRPA readiness so you can achieve faster business outcomes


CIRPA Developer Advanced Training

The CIRPA Developer Advanced Training prepares CIRPA developers to take on the key role of developing business-relevant automation skills. Our training gives the CIRPA developer the tools she/he needs to design, develop, and test the automation solution. They will be ready for CIRPA deployment and future CIRPA operations.


CIRPA Business Analyst Training

The Business Analyst Training addresses CIRPA Business Analysts, and prepares them to take on the key role of evaluating and qualifying their businesses automation. The training prepares the analyst to create the documentation for the development team.

Together, we can build something extraordinary. You Dream It, We’ll Build It.

Knowdle wouldn’t be able to make such a significant impact in the lives and communities we serve without the support of our corporate partners. We are proud to say that many leading companies, recognize that partnering with us is not only good for their communities, it is good for business.

Strong Partnerships for a better Future. Our relationships and alliances are successful because we share common goals: to make a real impact in companies and to build a better future.

Actions speak louder than words. Having experienced first-hand how Knowdle not only empowers their partners through comprehensive training, providing insightful resources and the world’s most powerful enterprises RPA platform, but they actively support and work with you to grow and empower both your business and your joint customers to optimize the power of RPA.

At Knowdle, partners are the core of our company strategy. We are enabling our worldwide partner ecosystem to help our joint customers fully utilize smart RPA to empower a new, forward thinking digital workforce. Partners are key to Knowdle’s strategy

Your success is our goal and we’re here to help you achieve it.

Market Leading Solutions

With Knowdle, you will deliver market-leading artificial colective intelligence solutions to your clients. Be in-the-know about the latest evolutions in digital intelligence.


When you have the technology that is flexible enough to meet your customers’ needs, you gain credibility. Customers who believe in you, stay with you.

Business Growth

Work with Knowdle to enhance your portfolio of services. Our digital expertise helps you grow not only your customers’ business, but also your own.

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Our essence is to help companies obtain better results. Our solutions adapt to the time and the real needs of each client. Write to us to learn more about our approach and what we do.



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