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Knowdle is an accelerator with a dynamic, flexible and adventurous spirit. All present and future people who are part of the team will have these qualities. Our current team brings an experience and values that make the company a very high level.


Artificial intelligence isn’t just about frameworks, data sources and pipelines—it’s also about people. Enterprises embarking on an AI journey have a much greater opportunity for success when they have executive leadership support and the right talent in key AI roles.

02. Professional

If there is one thing that is key to a good team, it is that we offer you a lot of experience, both in terms of launching similar companies and the reality of the industry… and knowledge regarding how the sector works, who the important clients are, the unwritten rules… etc.


Perhaps the best known reason, but by no means the only reason. Surrounding yourself with a group of reputable and experienced professionals gives your startup a lot of credibility in the eyes of customers and industry.


We’re a team of AI experts and seasoned executives. We all share the same passion for creating best-in-class solutions for our partners. Our inspiration is contagious and there’s more than enough to go around.

Leadership Team

Our executive team is composed of leading scientists, technology specialists and accomplished entrepreneurs – the perfect combination to guarantee the success of your AI projects.

Research Team

Our team of established research scientists is the best at understanding and analyzing your business needs. With their unmatchable ingenuity and the wide variety of scientific fields that they master, you can be confident that your projects are in good hands.

Software Development Team

Our accomplished software engineers and developers work closely with our brilliant team of research scientists in order to transform AI solutions into scalable products and real business applications.

AI in action. Knowdle from every angle.

Felipe García

Founder, CEO & VP of Technology

Creator of the algorithm and AI architecture, Felipe is an expert on the digital world in all its aspects. A long professional career leading the engineering and technical architecture of large ISP operators in this country allow him to have the vision and leadership to be responsible for an entire ecosystem of technological startups.

Reina Cáceres

Investments Director

More than 12 years of experience in internet startups incubation will deploy portfolio and international rollout of the Knowdle startups. Materials Engineer and MBA. Previously DaD Investor Director, Marketing Director at Kellogg’s, Black&Decker and American Express. Development and support to clients to achieve objectives cost-efficiently. Strategic plan evaluation, design, proposal and monitoring of results.

José Miguel Roca

VP of Operations

Responsible for the management of the organization of accelerator company. José Miguel is a Telecomunications expert of the digital economy deployment. A long career in engineering and technical architectures in cloud. Responsible for the whole ecosystem of collective intelligence start-ups.

Edoardo Verduci

CMO Global & Italy Country Manager

After receiving a degree with honors at the Polytechnic of Turin, Edoardo has thirty years of experience in Business Development and Marketing, with a specialized focus on the Information and Communication Technologies sector. He was Chief Marketing Officer of some of the main telecommunication operators in fixed and mobile telephony. In recent years, as an executive consultant, he has consolidated and strengthened his experience in sales in the Corporate market, for Mobile Virtual Operators and for renewable energy and artificial intelligence initiatives.

Arturo Barba

Sales & Business Development

Arturo currently provides solutions to save and sell more based on Artificial Intelligence. He is a passionate sales executive with more than 25 years of experience in ICT companies. He has worked in Direct Sales as well as Distribution Channel. Always very customer-oriented and goal-oriented, with great skills such as «Commercial Coaching» and sales team leader, he has extensive experience in creating, training and managing sales teams.

Luis M. Gil Hinojo

Chief Happiness Officer & UX

Luis knows how to help organizations to achieve their business objectives by improving individual, team, and organizational skills and effectiveness. His approach is to highlight individual talents and help them to concentrate on the value they bring to their organizations, sharing vision, culture and core values. As Industrial Engineer, has investigated and developed to apply biomimetics and innovations inspired by nature into the world of IT’s, Cloud Computing Optimization, in terms of energy and resources’ efficiency.

Jorge Ramírez

Financial Manager

Extensive administrative, financial and accounting experience in multinationals firms around the world such as Kellogg’s (United States), Consilux (Brazil), BP or Charvenca (Venezuela), being responsible for the areas of Accounting, Taxes, Treasury, Payments, monthly results, accounting closings and Tax Planning of the group’s companies. Strategic and Financial Planning Analyst, in charge of the elaboration and evaluation of the annual budgets and their coordination with the different departments and areas of the company.

Lola Garrido

Chief Digital Officer

Adopting the «what is not measured is not improved» maxim, she is especially focused on strategies for attracting customers / users by identifying the optimal channels of capture and that best adapt to the characteristics and needs of business. Her professional focus is on the development of Marketing 3.0 techniques to create and transform companies and to increase profitability and social welfare, for digital and human optimization with implementation of agile procedures. Digital Knowledge Specialist in the strategic digital and innovation consultancy of Eckium (San Francisco, USA) and professor of digital marketing and mentor of the Master Online in Digital Business at the ISDI Business School. She is also co-founder of Smilebrain, an integral consultant specialized in Marketing 3.0.

Regino Núñez

Cloud Architect

More than 25 years in Internet projects, participating in the most significant and innovative networks in the country, RICA (Scientific Information Network of Andalusia), one of the first commercial ISPs (Servicom), of the first data network of Retevisión or of the greater WiFi network of high capacity in the Junta de Andalucía. Director of ICT projects for more than 20 years in consultancies such as Satec S.A. Always oriented to the integration of systems, networks and data, Computer Engineer by the University of Seville, PMP by the Project Management Institute and in the Doctorate phase by the University of Seville in the area of Electronic Technology.

Weena Jiménez

Principal Research

Research and development of new processes for the implementation of artificial intelligence systems adapted to different domains of knowledge. Her favorite phrase “Be strong, muscular, athletic and aesthetic” of the Genesis Challenge, marked her deeply, both personally and professionally, in the application of knowledge of analysis, design and combinatorial development with the potential of technologies.

Antonio Cala

R&D Engineer

Passionate about R+D+i with a wide experience in AI projects related to machine learning, semantic web, embedded systems, natural language processing, physical and virtual interaction systems, decision support systems or social robotics. He has worked in centers of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) as the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA), the Institute of Research in Artificial Intelligence (IIA) or the Center of Automatic and Robotics (CAR). Founder of Risoluta, one of the first social robotics companies in Europe. Engineer in Computer Science and Research Sufficiency by the University of Seville, Master in Computational Engineering and Intelligent Systems by the University of the Basque Country.

Pedro García Guillén

Principal Research

Passionate research of mathematical algorithm and the new technologies, his main research areas are Computation Theory, Topology and Geometry. He gave conferences in many countries of Europe, America and Asia, and wrote research articles in many scientific reviews. Pedro is the Collective Intelligence Algorithm creator.

Raúl Collado Durán


Expert in marketing innovation services and digital business development. Content Integration with social networks, creation of new formats, publications in mix media channels. Management of the department of digital marketing and corporate communication: social media, web analytics, SEO, SEM, E-mail Marketing, inbound marketing, link building, graphic design and web design.

What a successful AI team really looks like

Forget the tech giants’ rosters of data science PhDs. As AI moves into the enterprise, blended teams with business skills become more important for driving business value.

Our experience suggests that these specific roles should be filled to get buy-in on the project and create a successful solution.

Systems architect

Sometimes referred to as a cognitive solutions architect, the person in this role is responsible for operationalizing the entire suite of machine learning and deep learning models within the IT framework and systems at hand. Like data scientists, systems architects have a solid knowledge of these models and their application, but with a more systems-oriented focus. In addition, they need to understand the business of your company from an operational perspective.

Data engineer

The value of the output of machine learning models is highly dependent on the quality, depth and breadth of data. Ensuring data quality means the data engineer role is vital to your AI success. Data engineers are responsible for defining and implementing the integration of data into the overall AI architecture. Given the complexity of this role, a team approach is recommended.

Data scientist

At its heart, data science is focused on exploring data to extract actionable information for making business decisions. Data scientists generally have a broad technology background, and often they have a degree in a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field. The job calls for math aptitude and coding skills as well as critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

DevOps engineer

Development, quality assurance and operational engineers—collectively referred to as DevOps—are professionals with experience in both application development and deployment. DevOps engineers work with architects, developers, data engineers and the data scientist to ensure solutions are rolled out and managed.

Business analyst

Business analysts use results from the data science models and often act as “translators” between the business users and the machine learning team. For example, a business analyst might work with the marketing team to understand what the team needs to target customers, and then work with the machine learning team to guide their work.

The role of education and training

In many companies, these core AI roles can be filled through education and training of existing employees and recruitment of others as needed. Employees may also need help in using the results of machine learning as part of their day-to-day activities. Employee education can be accomplished through a combination of in-person and online courses in addition to hands-on experience. Bringing in experienced experts to work with employees on delivering the first use cases is recommended.

Knowdle AI Technologies (KAIT) offers end-to-end solutions including consulting services, training, tools, platforms and support for enterprises, no matter where they are at in their AI journey.

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