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These workshops will outline the latest AI trends with regard to technology, use cases and the various business verticals which will be covered on the future. There will be an introduction to the AI framework called CLOUDEDWE and implementing IA algorithms from ExOs, such as KNOWDLE ACI or our IKIGAI KWS architecture.


What kind of workshops and courses do we offer?

Workshop objectives

These workshops introduce participants to the basics of practical artificial intelligence, as well as an understanding of approaches and options for solving real world problems. In addition participants will have the opportunity to practice developing and deploying artificial colective intelligence models with Knowdle solutions and hands-on sessions.

Target Audience

Researchers, engineers, computer programmers, technical managers & project leads who want to understand what artificial intelligence is and how it can be used to bring collective intelligence to software and products, especially embedded systems and companies.

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Your Approach to Artificial Collective Intelligence

Participants will gain an understanding of the “pipeline” of a artificial intelligence project, from training to deployment of a model. Participants will be introduced to the abilities and limits of the latest techniques in artificial intelligence as applied to a selection of collective tasks.

AI Lab 01 / Artificial Collective Intelligence for the exponential growth of organizations

Lean Intelligence Projects. The Artificial Collective Intelligence Laboratory will be the means of rapid prototyping where projects will be defined in their embryonic mode before moving on to pilot project phases and future implementation.

Workshop 01 / Artificial Collective Intelligence as an exponential motor.

Initation workshop: Big data, Digital Content and Economy 4.0 – The Power of collective intelligence, contents, data and their impact on the stakeholder’s knowledge. The workshop visualizes the potential of the cognitive model in digital content. With a participative methodology and Visual Thinking techniques where learning will be easy and fun. With practical and real cases where you will really verify the use of what you learn at the same time that you do it.

We also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Growth in the AI market can largely be attributed to factors such as growing big data and its adoption for improving consumer services and their satisfaction. Creating an intelligent software for such key applications involves simulating reasoning, learning and problem-solving most of which can be addressed with AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

These workshops will outline the latest AI trends with regard to technology, use cases and the various business verticals. What are some of the questions on artificial intelligence (AI) you I’d like to know the answer?
Why do we need artificial intelligence?

Life would be much simpler and easier to understand if we did not have all the technologies that are growing at an exponential speed (artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, Internet of Things) and affecting every area of our lives.

The basic premise of AI is that it allows computer programs to learn, rather than needing to be specifically programmed to perform certain tasks.

Because of AI, computers can now learn to do huge amounts of tasks and activities that used to require human intelligence. The more data the AI has, the better results it can produce.

One positive result of this is that AI will make our lives easier in certain areas in which we need to analyze data. Here are four simple examples:

  • Health care: analyzing patient data and conducting predictive analysis.
  • Agriculture: precision agriculture that helps save natural resources.
  • Business processes: AI has the ability to make almost everything better, faster and cheaper.
  • Education: Analyzing study data and providing teachers and students with tips on how to study better.
  • etc.
Why should you study artificial intelligence?

We strongly believe that everyone should study and learn about these areas related to artificial intelligence. We highly encourage you to do so:

  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • How could I apply it in my area of interest?
  • How will it change our short term and long-term future?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities presented by AI?
  • These are some of the topics we cover in our workshops on artificial intelligence.

Everyone can benefit from learning about AI. Even if you have no interest in learning how to code, we urge you to develop an interest in artificial intelligence and seek to understand the impact it will have on our society.

What are the typical jobs related to artificial intelligence?

AI is quickly creating large numbers of new jobs, the biggest challenge of which is having enough qualified workers to fill these positions. These are some of the AI-related job titles that are currently in the highest demand on job search portals: data scientists, software engineers, research scientists, machine learning experts, and deep learning experts.

However, there will be an even greater demand for professionals who understand how AI works in general, as well as how to help companies and individuals apply these technologies for the benefit of businesses and society

Here are some of the jobs related to AI that I cover in my book:

  • AI Chatbot Designer: A professional who knows how to design AI-based chatbots that can attend to basic customer service needs and provide a positive user experience.
  • AI Digital Marketing Expert: Someone who understands how to leverage various digital marketing and social media tools that employ AI to create more effective marketing strategies.
  • AI Business Strategy Consultant: An expert who analyzes a company and recommends ways that company can build AI services and products with tools like IBM’s Watson, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services. While it can be helpful to develop internal AI tools, it is also possible to purchase existing solutions from well-known providers like the ones listed above.
  • AI Strategy Consultant for the Public Sector: An expert who can identify potential challenges that will arise due to the introduction of AI into society and can solve problems through AI training. This is an important role for helping society to become familiar and comfortable with the use of new AI technologies. This type of professional could also serve those who have lost their jobs to AI and automation by matching individuals with suitable retraining programs to help them obtain new types of employment.
  • Tech-Addiction Counselor or Coach: A skilled counselor or coach who understands, and knows how to treat, the emotional and physical impacts of the rapid growth of AI and the problems that may arise from overuse. With the increasing presence of AI technologies in our everyday lives comes the potential for users to become addicted to some of these products. Also, some people may suffer from negative emotional consequences due to an overreliance on AI at the expense of normal social interactions and relationships with humans.
  • Creativity Coach: A trained professional with experience in helping others to develop human-based skills including social and emotional intelligence, and creativity. This is an important role that, because it cannot be filled by robots, will hold a great deal of value for people in the future.
What are some common benefits of artificial intelligence technology?

As AI will impact so many areas of our lives and businesses, there are actually enormous amounts of direct and indirect benefits that can be brought about thanks to artificial intelligence.

Here is a list of some of the key benefits.

  • AI and Poverty: AI will be used to fight extreme poverty and improve quality of life for people in remote areas.
  • AI and Everyday Life: AI and robotics can take on tasks that are dangerous, boring or difficult for humans.
  • AI and Travel: AI will power autonomous vehicles, which will help to generate improved traffic efficiency, cheaper mobility options and greater safety on the streets.
  • AI and Businesses Opportunities: AI will create amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide and also increase productivity.
  • AI and Business Processes: AI will generate improvements to almost every business process.
  • AI and Industries: AI will drastically transform almost every commercial industry.
Isn’t AI just a tool like any other? Won’t AI just do what we tell it to do?

It likely will – however, intelligence is, by many definitions, the ability to figure out how to accomplish goals. Even in today’s advanced AI systems, the builders assign the goal but don’t tell the AI exactly how to accomplish it, nor necessarily predict in detail how it will be done; indeed those systems often solve problems in creative, unpredictable ways. Thus the thing that makes such systems intelligent is precisely what can make them difficult to predict and control. They may therefore attain the goal we set them via means inconsistent with our preferences.

The objectives of the workshop, but not limited to:
  • ​discuss the relationship between AI/ML and security/privacy;
  • identity how AI/ML can be used to launch your company;
  • identify use cases for incorporating AI/ML for security and trust;
  • identify use cases for defining security and trust of AI/ML;
  • identify security​ ​requirements and capabilities of AI/ML enabled applications and services;
  • identify security requirements and capabilities for security applications and services incorporating AI/ML;
  • share on-going activities among relevant groups and industries; and
    identify ways forward for Knowdle to undertake in its future study, including potential new work items.
Upon completing the workshop, the participants will be able to:
  • Understand the growth of AI in different verticals
  • Understand how AI is automating some of the work which humans have been addressing in the past
  • Appreciate the role of AI in autonomous vehicles
  • Understand some of the mathematical models that play a role in building AI software
  • Implement simple Machine Learning models
The one day workshop in AI will focus on:
  • Discussing how computing systems take decisions with minimal human intervention
  • How AI systems change behaviors without being explicitly programmed
  • The key AI technologies that will gain the most market traction
  • Discussing the major drivers for the growth of AI in verticals such as automotive, law, finance and advertisement.
  • The implementation of AI in your company.
  • The different methodologies such as Supervised and Unsupervised learning algorithms to make AI models
Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Work one-on-one with an inbound expert who understands your business’ goals and how to achieve them. We offer a variety of consulting options to help you realize returns and results with Knowdle. Knowdle Consulting is perfect for those who are looking to improve upon their current success, take advantage of technical know how or simply need a crash course and Artificial Collective Intelligence Methodologies.

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